The Russian Federation can use the “Wagnerians” to support an information operation to put pressure on European countries

Вагнер, ПВК

At the Zyabrovka airfield in Belarus, the creation of a tent city to accommodate about 1,000 mercenaries has begun.According to information from the underground, on the border with Ukraine, in the village of Zyabrovka in the Republic of Belarus, a new camp for mercenaries of the “Wagner” PMC is being built. In the future, it is planned to use them to simulate subversive activities on the border with the Chernihiv region.At the same time, there remains a high probability of using “Wagner” to simulate activities in the framework of supporting the information operation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus to pressure European countries. The goal of such a campaign is to force European countries to reduce their support for Ukraine by simulating a military threat to them.At the initial stage, within the framework of such an information operation, there is an imitation of the deployment of the “Wagner” PMC camps and the introduction of narratives into the information field that the mercenaries are ready to attack the EU.The National Resistance Center continues to monitor enemy activity and thanks the resistance forces for the information.

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