The Russians are preparing to bring state employees to the “polling stations”

From 8 to 10 September, “voting” will begin in the temporarily occupied territories at the polling stations to which the occupier is already preparing to bring extras.

Today is the last day of “early voting”, which the occupiers hold on the streets and at their place of residence. Tomorrow, the Russians will open “polling stations” to work for three days.

Given that these “polling stations” will be empty, the occupiers are preparing to create a propaganda picture. Thus, tomorrow budgetary institutions will not work in the TOT, and their employees will vote in an organized manner at certain polling stations under the supervision of pre-placed cameras of “journalists”.

For the sake of extras, students of “volunteer movements”, state employees and guest performers from the Russian Federation will be involved. The emptiness of most polling stations will be explained by the fact that the majority of the population voted at their place of residence.

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