The Russians began to “voluntarily” involve children in the Kremlin social movements

The Kremlin demands from the gauleiters of the temporarily occupied territories to increase the number of children in the Kremlin youth movements.

Thus, in the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region, the “minister of youth policy” in the occupation administration, Anton Titskyi, is responsible for this process. Currently, he visits schools on the TOT and demands that the principals “implement the plan”, and also personally campaigns among schoolchildren.

In particular, pupils and students should apply to the local networks of the pseudo-youth organizations “Young south”, “We are together”, “Volunteers-medics”, “Victory volunteers” and “The Movement of the First”. The administration of the educational institution is responsible for this. That is, in fact, teenagers were put in a situation when joining these movements is mandatory, otherwise the administration will take measures against them.

Note that all these movements are purely Kremlin projects and are financed by the occupiers. They are created to attract the masses to various propaganda events, as well as for the ideological brainwashing of participants.

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