The Russians brought their teachers to the occupied territories to teach propaganda history

The Russian military brought their teachers to the occupied territory of the Zaporizhzhia region to properly present “history” to Ukrainian children.

The occupiers began their “school year”, during which they Russify Ukrainian children. However, local teachers mostly refuse to work for the occupier, and those who agree do not know the “program”.

Therefore, the Russians bring their “educators” to the territory to study “Russian history.” At the same time, they settle them in empty apartments of local residents, even giving them their property.

So, if earlier in the occupied Berdiansk, the Russian military settled their people in cramped recreation bases, now they gave priority to settling Russian teachers in apartments.

We will remind you that earlier the occupiers brought a new batch of “educators” to the Luhansk region. It is about 106 teachers who will work in the regions of Luhansk region captured after February 24.

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