The Russians continue to bring their doctors to TOT

The occupiers massively bring Russian doctors to the temporarily occupied cities due to the refusal of the locals to cooperate with them.

So, in Melitopol, most of the city’s surgeons left the city. At the same time, the number of wounded occupiers is increasing. Therefore, a new party of Russian “specialists” was sent to the city.

Wounded occupiers are placed in the building of the first city hospital, in the former children’s sanatorium, as well as in the general hospital.

Note that in order for Russian doctors to go to the temporarily occupied territories, the main occupier Putin equated them to combatants, guaranteeing appropriate payment and benefits.

The Center for National Resistance notes that each refusal to cooperate with the enemy forces it to attract more of its own resources. Therefore, the Central Committee of the Russian Federation urges to ignore cooperation and not to take Russian passports, but to leave the TOT if possible.

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