The Russians continue to deploy troops in Belarus

The Belarusian underground continues to monitor the movement of Russian troops through the territory of the country.

It is known that the Russians deployed about 63 tents in the area of ​​the village of Babunichi (Gomel region). In total, up to 12,000 mobilized Russians are already stationed in the country.

According to them, getting to Belarus is a privilege, because the conditions at the landfills are much better than at home. The armed forces of Belarus fully meet the needs of the contingent of the occupiers.

In fact, the Russians took control of a joint group of troops, which is another sign of Belarus’ loss of sovereignty.

It will be recalled that earlier the Center of National Resistance, citing data from Belarusian partisans, reported that the Russians had sent engineer troops to the country to build barracks.

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