RUSSIANS CONTINUE TO KIDNAP PEOPLE AT THE temporarily occupied territories

The Russians are continuing their search for the Ukrainian underground and for this purpose they are taking all those suspected of disloyalty to the occupation administration “to the basement”.

Relatives of detainees are not informed of the reason, and usually of the whereabouts of their loved ones. They are not allowed to see, and in the best case they only allow transfers grocery set, without guarantee that the products reach the addressee.

In fact, this is kidnapping, because there is no mention of the court and lawyers either. People are usually kept in terrible conditions and subjected to torture. At the same time, detention does not make sense, because the enemy does not even seek out information, but simply requires the victim to confess to the “legend” in order to then report to Moscow about the success in the fight against “saboteurs”.

The National Resistance Center calls, if possible, to leave the temporarily occupied territories until they are released by the Armed Forces.

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