The Russians forcibly issued passports to the employees of the ZNPP

The occupiers forced 3,000 ZNPP workers to obtain Russian passports, the General Staff reports.

That’s how many workers remained to work at the station captured by the Russians. Before the occupation the staff of the ZNPP was 11,000. Noted that a large number remained to work at the station to save the world from disaster.

However, the enemy took advantage of this situation and put pressure on them to sign a contract with Rosatom and receive passports. In Energodar, Zaporizhia region, the occupiers forced approximately 3,000 workers of the Zaporizhia NPP to obtain Russian passports.

Noted, the enemy continues attempt to force passporting in the temporarily occupied territories, including employees of the budget sector.

Thus the occupation administrations informed the employees of the budget sector, in particular doctors, utility workers and others, that they all need to obtain a Russian passport if they wish to continue working. In addition, they must write an application to renounce Ukrainian citizenship.

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