The Russians have taken out their myrmidons from Zaliznyi Port to Skadovsk

The occupiers have evacuated from Zaliznyi Port (Kherson region) the families of Russian workers who were brought to the region due to the refusal of the locals to cooperate with the enemy.

About 50 Russians were quartered in boarding houses captured by the Russians at the beginning of the occupation of the settlement. However, according to the local underground, the tourers were taken to Skadovsk the day before.

Earlier, we reported on the evacuation of collaborators and their families from Nova Kakhovka.

We should also note that after losing the battle for Kherson, the Russians are trying to improve the work of their administration in Henichesk. But the new “occupation center” of the region is also only temporary, because the liberation of Henichesk is a matter of time.

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