The Russians levied tribute on the occupied territories

The Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation has published details of where local businesses from the temporarily occupied territories must pay taxes.

Yes, the Russians do not even hide the fact that all taxes must be transferred to the Federal Treasury of the Tula region. Therefore, in fact, the Russians are washing all the funds of the population from the captured regions, trying to transfer the latter to the ruble zone and collect taxes that go to the development of the Russian Federation and financing the war.

At the same time, Russia submits return budget transfers as aid from various regions. Manipulating the fact that aid would not be needed if the occupiers were not looting and destroying the region.

But most importantly, it seems that the Russian Federation itself does not believe that it is here forever. After all, such actions indicate the typical behavior of the occupiers – to rob and tax the population while there is still time.

The Center of National Resistance calls on local residents to leave TOT and not become a source of funding for the enemy’s budget.

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