The russians simplified the legislation to find collaborators

The leader of the occupiers, Vladimir Putin, issued a decree (N984) on simplifying admission to the civil service in the temporarily occupied territories.

The occupiers do not have queues of traitors who would like to work for the enemy. However, they need such people, because collaborators with Ukrainian roots are more legitimate for propaganda. In addition, the russians themselves are in no hurry to get to work for TOT of Ukraine.

However, given the lack of personnel, the occupiers simplified the hiring of traitors:

• they do not need to undergo psychological screening;

• medical examination can be done in absentia (after hiring);

• no need for personal recommendations from other civil servants;

• the age limit has been raised to 65 years.

The decree has already entered into force.

We will remind you that the day before the occupation administration informed the employees of the budget sector, in particular doctors, utility workers and others, that they all needed to get a russian passport if they wanted to continue working. In addition, they must file an application to renounce Ukrainian citizenship.

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