The Russians started educational propaganda among schoolchildren and young people at TOT

The occupiers have launched an educational campaign on temporarily occupied territories (TOT) that aims to promote the Russian version of history.

Ukrainian youth on temporarily occupied territories continue to resist the enemy. Due to the fact that the applicants sabotaged the entrance campaign to the so-called higher educational institutions, the Russians decided to launch a tough educational campaign. Children are forcibly taken to the territory of the Russian Federation and forced to enter various educational institutions. Including the newly created fake universities on TOT.

At the same time, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation developed a program for TOT schools of Ukraine, the purpose of which is to change the perception of young people about the history of Ukraine. To impose the opinion that it was “Russia that created Ukraine” and should always have been a part of the Russian Federation. For this purpose, Russian teachers who work at the TOT undergo special training at the FDAOU for pre-school education on retraining. Propaganda becomes the basis of the educational process. Regardless of what subject the occupiers plan to teach children in schools, it should be about “the greatness of Russia.” Also, for this purpose, Ukrainian children at TOT are involved in the all-Russian competition “Look – this is Russia”.

The Center of National Resistance calls, whenever possible, to leave the TOT for the territory controlled by Kyiv and not to become victims of Russian experiments.

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