The Russians took another 450 children out of the TOT

The occupiers continue the policy of destroying an entire generation of Ukrainians with their deportation to the Russian Federation and further assimilation.
Thus, over the last period, the occupiers took 50 high school students to Yaroslavl in order to agitate them to enter the local university «Demidov». In addition, the enemy takes children to children’s camps for «rehabilitation» including:
200 children from Dovzhansk to Anapa;
200 children to Krasnodar region (150 from Kakhovka and Henichesk districts of Kherson region, and 50 children from Zaporizhia TOT).
In the camps, children arrange concerts of «Russian stars», as well as conduct «patriotic exercises», where local teachers brainwash them. Often, children are not returned to Ukraine.
Earlier, the Ministry of Nature of the terrorist country organized a rest for 77 children from the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region in Stavropol.

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