To the attention of the underground

The Russians continue to try to identify members of the Ukrainian underground and all those who may be associated with them.

So, in Melitopol, groups work to identify disloyal residents in public places. The occupiers walk around in civilian clothes in groups of 2-3 and gather information. In particular, the occupying “law enforcement officers” deliberately provoke residents into political conversations, sometimes pretending that they are pro-Ukrainian, and sometimes simulating a quarrel among themselves.

After they are joined by another interlocutor who demonstrates disloyalty to the occupying power, he is put under surveillance. In this way, the Russians expect to expose even more pro-Ukrainian residents and intensify repression.

We will remind you that the occupiers are preparing for a new mass check of residents of Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions for “loyalty”. In particular, a large-scale check of phones is planned for the presence of Ukrainian applications (in particular, banks and online education). In addition, the Russians are increasing the number of roadblocks between populated areas in the south.

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