Ukraine resists – a joint action of the Ukrainian Premier League and the Center for National Resistance

The teams of the Ukrainian Premier League supported the people in the occupation who resist the enemy.  

Ukraine resists the occupiers. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are at the front, volunteers and business provide our fighters, journalists resist enemy propaganda on the information front, and our partisans fight behind the enemy lines.

Every day, the underground destroys enemies, also civilians resist Russian terror, passportization, and prevent the imposition of Russian laws. They do it quietly, because they risk their lives every day. But everyone who has such an opportunity should speak for them. Shout about their heroic resistance to the whole world.

The Ukrainian Football Association, football clubs, and players dedicated the UPL a tour to first of all thank everyone who is fighting in the occupation. To remind our Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories that they will soon return home. This is how Kherson and all other liberated territories returned.

Therefore, we urge you to spread the news about the resistance of our underground and talk about our resistance to the whole world.

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