Partisans have eliminated occupants transporting “ballots”

диверсія, атентат, ліквідація

The Ukrainian underground in Nova Kakhovka managed to carry out a successful sabotage against the occupation administration in the temporarily occupied territories.

The underground blew up the occupiers’ car, which was used to move around, guard “ballots” and “polling stations” during the so-called elections organized by the Kremlin in the TOT.
As a result of the car bombing, one Russian serviceman was killed and two others were wounded.

As a reminder, the enemy is preparing to mobilization on the TOT in the south and has already established a network of military enlistment offices in the occupied territories, but this repressive structure has no data. Therefore, the enemy is using the “elections” to update information about the male population of the region.

It should be noted that the mobilization of residents of the occupied territories is a violation of international humanitarian law, and those responsible for this crime will be held accountable.

The National Resistance Center informs that if you have information about the whereabouts of representatives of the Russian occupation forces, you can safely report the information through our chatbot.

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