Ukrainian underground continues to report on the movement of the enemy

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to destroy the occupiers with missile strikes thanks to coordinates provided by the partisans.

Only in the last two in the south, 6 ammunition depots and three enemy bases were destroyed. It should be noted that the Russians are actively trying to find spotters and, for this purpose, are carrying out filtering activities near the objects that were destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, this does not give results.

A similar situation occurs in other temporarily occupied territories, where locals help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to destroy the Russians. In particular, the photo shows the destroyed base of the occupiers in the city of Balaklia (Kharkiv region), which was liberated from occupation on September 8, 2022.

Death to Moskals [Russians]

No matter what the results of the “referendums” are, the occupiers will remain an enemy on Ukrainian soil, where every Ukrainian brings our victory closer.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center reminds you that you can leave a message regarding the movement or placement of enemy equipment at the link.

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