Ukrainians destroy the enemy and spread state symbols – a review from TOT

The Ukrainian underground destroys the enemy in the territories it has captured and continues to spread Ukrainian symbols. The Center of National Resistance has prepared another overview of the main news from the temporarily occupied territories.

Destruction of the occupiers

On January 18, there was an explosion in Kyrylivka. As a result, the Ukrainian underground managed to eliminate a group of Russian soldiers who occupied one of the buildings in the city. There are also reports of wounded enemy soldiers.

A collaborator’s car exploded earlier in temporarily occupied Berdyansk. It is known that the car of the “head of the military-civilian administration” of the Berdyansk district, Oleksiy Kichigin, exploded. According to the information of the occupiers, the traitor himself was not injured.

Oleksiy Kichigin betrayed his country in 2014. And after the capture of the city by the occupiers in 2022, he returned to Berdyansk. After blowing up the car of the previous commandant, Artem Bardin, he now manages the city.

At the same time, non-violent resistance continues in the region. Thus, patriotic leaflets and symbols were again distributed in Berdyansk and Melitopol.

Also, the history of the Kherson Territorial Defense, which was published by the Center of National Resistance last week, deserves attention. The story about the heroes who held back a convoy of hundreds of Russians for several hours at the beginning of the invasion can be found at this link.

Ignoring the occupiers

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians force people to get replacementnumber plates“. In order to spread them, the occupying gang formation “State Automobile Inspection” stops cars in Melitopol and issues fines for various, including fictitious, reasons.

You can avoid a fine only if you attach a collaboration sticker instead of a UA. Therefore, at checkpoints, the Russians force drivers to stick the Ukrainian flag on their license plates and demand a verbal promise to re-register the vehicle. However, local residents are sabotaging this process.

At the same time, local people in Crimea refuse to support the occupiers. An information campaign to raise funds for the support of the Russians is currently underway on the peninsula. The Russians are trying with all their might to force the Ukrainians to help voluntarily, but without success.

Unfortunately, forced passporting of the TOT population continues. Without a Russian passport, people are blocked from issuing funds and threatened with eviction from their apartments. However, even under these conditions, the passporting plan of the occupiers failed.

Finally, we would like to remind you that all measures taken by the occupiers regarding passporting, mobilization, fundraising and other options for “improving life” in the temporarily occupied territories are a direct violation of the norms of international humanitarian law, which entails lifelong criminal prosecution by international and national law enforcement agencies and other authorities.

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