Zaporizhzhia: the workers of the enterprise refused to work for the occupiers, and in Berdyansk the main collaborator was fired

The Russians have serious problems with personnel in the temporarily occupied territories.

When the Russians were not greeted with flowers and songs and locals did not begin to work for them faithfully, they began to look for collaborators among the local population. Success here was weak. Nonviolent resistance in the temporarily occupied territories began to develop exponentially. People have mastered various methods of resistance, including silent refusal to work in seized enterprises.

Therefore, dozens of enterprises simply stopped, and for this, the occupation leadership constantly gets the blame from Moscow. For example, in Zaporizhzhia the Russians tried to restore the local iron ore plant. Workers were promised to pay 60% of their salary as of February 23. To do this, they had to to sign a new contract in accordance with Russian law. However, NONE of the workers agreed.

The situation in Berdyansk is also not in favor of the occupiers. Due to the opposition of the civilian population, the local collaborator was unable to form a team to improve the functioning of the city. The key is the failure of passporting rates and preparation for the pseudo-referendum. Therefore, the head of the occupation administration, a collaborator, Oleksandr Saulenko, was fired. Now a Russian manager is planned instead.

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