Central Asian migrants have formed gangs in Mariupol

At least two criminal gangs of ethnic Uzbeks originally from Tajikistan have been formed in the temporarily occupied Mariupol.

As the National Resistance Center has learned from sources in the local underground, the occupiers have brought more than 25,000 construction workers from Russia and Central Asia to Mariupol. In this way, the enemy is solving the problem of labor shortages, as residents do not want to work for the occupiers and simultaneously changing the city’s demographic composition. The migrants have already created at least two gangs involved in arms and drug trafficking, smuggling, scrap metal collection, illegal transport, and construction.

We remind you that earlier, the invaders mobilized Uzbeks, who came to Mariupol to work as construction workers.

The National Resistance Center calls on the residents of the TOT to continue to inform us about the occupiers’ crimes, as well as their location and movements. Only in this way will we be able to liberate our land and expel the invaders from it. Find out how to contact us safely on our website.

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