Chronicles of resistance: another postponement of the “pseudo-referendum” and the refusal of rescuers to work with the occupiers

The Russians continue to strengthen the administrative and police regime in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. The pressure on the civilian population is increasing. The occupiers are trying to force people to take Russian citizenship by blackmail. The enemy is especially putting pressure on pensioners, who are blocked from receiving legal social benefits from the Ukrainian government. However, the local population continues to resist the invaders. In Kherson region, employees of local units of the State Emergency Service refuse to cooperate with the occupying forces.

Some of the rescuers resigned from their jobs, but continue to do their work. Many continue to work without wages, remaining with pro-Ukrainian views only to support the Ukrainian people who remained under occupation.

The Russians promise to improve conditions in case of switching over to their side, but this does not work. Most of the rescuers still remain loyal to Ukraine.

The collaborators admitted that due to the situation in the Kherson region, they are unable to hold a pseudo-referendum. One of the main collaborators, Kyrylo Stremousov, said that the Kremlin decided to take a “pause”. However, as you know, there is nothing more eternal than temporary. It seems that a “referendum” during hostilities in a region where the occupiers have no support is a pure farce even for the Kremlin.

Also, with this statement, Moscow admitted that although it controls the territory, it has not taken control of the population and the situation. Therefore, the statement “Russia is here forever” is just a propaganda slogan that even collaborators do not believe.

It should be noted that the Center of National Resistance reported back in July that the Russian authorities were considering not holding their pseudo-referendum on September 11. The reason is total resistance, and also the Russians have a shortage of collaborators who are ready to help in this.

We will remind you that this is not the first time that the Russians have moved the date of the pseudo-referendum. At first, they planned to hold it in May, but due to the opposition of the population, they did not succeed.

Meanwhile, the occupation schools are not even half full, because the locals ignore the training according to the “Russian program”. Therefore, the Kremlin resorts to various methods of filling classes to create a propaganda picture.

Most of the children have either gone abroad with their parents, or are studying online in Ukrainian schools. Even the bribe system of 10,000 rubles for each child sent to Russian schools, which the occupiers introduced on the eve of September 1, does not work. Threats to parents regarding confiscation of property and deprivation of parental rights did not work either.

At the same time, in some schools, the personal affairs of students are in the hands of the occupiers, so it is possible that they, together with armed Russian soldiers, will look for children at their addresses in order to fill classes.

Therefore, the Center of National Resistance calls on residents of the Kherson region to evacuate during the operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate the region. We will return home after de-occupation.

The occupiers increased the pace of forced passporting in Luhansk region.

The Kremlin needs more soldiers, and therefore Moscow resorts to forced mobilization in the occupied territories. In order to increase the pace of passporting, the Russians began a total collection of information under various pretexts about the men who still remained in the so-called LPR.

In order to receive a “reward” of 10,000 rubles for sending a child to school, the personal data of other family members must be indicated in the application – that is, for the sake of money, the mother must surrender the father to the Russians.

At the same time, personal quotas for the recruitment of contractors were established at local enterprises. In case of refusal to serve on the contract, “individual interviews” are held with the “candidate”. In the Svativ and Starobilsk districts, the occupiers organized a forced replacement of car number plates, during which they registered able-bodied men.

We will remind, in Melitopol, the first cases of conscription of new holders of Russian passports into the ranks of the enemy army were recorded.

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