Hackers from Cyber Resistance hacked the mail of the Russian guard who led the invasion of Pripyat by riot police

Colonel Roman Yershov, who helped Ukrainian hacktivists, has obtained further evidence of the participation of riot police units in the invasion of Ukraine.

Roman Anatolyevich Ershov is the head of the special unit of the Russian Guard OMON in the Kaluga region of the Russian Federation and commanded his unit during the invasion of Russian troops from the territory of the Republic of Belarus. As of February 2002, Ershov held the rank of lieutenant colonel. He was promoted to colonel for his participation in the war last year.

Hackers from Cyber Resistance obtained photographic evidence of the invasion of Pripyat by riot police from the Kaluga region and the deployment of personnel in the Chernobyl forests.

However, thanks to Yershov’s love of photography, they also received photos of the results of the Ukrainian Defence Forces’ work on the Russian Guard. However, the colonel needs to develop his design skills. The combination of mistresses, dead personnel, and destroyed equipment in one collage is a rather progressive artistic solution.

Thanks to Yershov, the hacktivists also managed to gain access to various analytical documents of the Russians. In particular, an analysis of the operation of 9 mm MPL and MPL-1 pistols, the so-called Lebedev pistols, is needed. These are service weapons developed by the Kalashnikov Concern for the National Guard. The conclusions illustrate the “evolution” of the Russian military-industrial complex quite well. Two years of operation of the pistols have shown that they are not suitable for quality use.

Cyber Resistance also found a report by the terrorist organisation “Novorossiya Support Centre” in the mail. The report is titled “How is Russia losing the war in Donbas?”. Therefore, we cannot help but share with you some of the quotes and the entire document.

And, of course, as if without amorous affairs. A married ershov does not limit himself to the principles of monogamy and stores unique content from his mistresses on his cloud.

Український спротив залишає за собою використати дані й інформацію, які отримав про розміщення окремих підрозділів зс рф в Україні. Деякі, вже й успішно використали для демобілізації окремих військових росіян. Демобілізації, авжеж, але є нюанс.Про це згодом. 

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