Hackers gain access to mail of policeman who tortured Kherson residents

Colonel Grigory Zana, Chief of Staff of the 50th Separate Operational Brigade of the Russian Guard, gave his data to Ukrainian hackers from Cyber Resistance.

The occupier participated in the dispersal of rallies in Kherson during the occupation, as well as in the torture of local residents. Now the Defense Forces have the opportunity to investigate the life of a war criminal: from the signed criminal orders to the personnel of the unit.

However, we can publish some information here. So, we know from the mail that Hryhoriy Zana:

  • likes to steal money, which is why he is blackmailed by his colleagues;
  • he does not pay alimony to his ex-wives, and therefore they are forced to collect the money through the court;
  • his ex-wife cheated on him with a subordinate (the occupier keeps written evidence of this);
  • has a daughter who is studying to become a police officer;
  • attends a personal development school where he writes poems about how no one loved him as a child (this explains a lot);
  • keeps a lot of personal discrediting photos of his mistresses on his phone.

Personal documents of the occupier and his daughter:

Documents for the occupier’s car (we have a list of relatives):

Non-payment of child support:

A written testimony about the betrayal of a subordinate of Zana with Veronika Zana (the occupier’s wife at the time):

An occupier’s poem (written as a homework assignment at a personal development school):

Personal photos of the occupier’s enemy and his family members:

A screen of the occupier’s correspondence with an acquaintance, where he talks about the moral qualities of our hero:

Note that we have cited examples from correspondence or personal “poems” to show the psychology of people who come to torture Ukrainians. Each of them believes that their crimes will go unpunished. However, later their morning jogging routes become known.

Earlier, Cyber Resistance activists gained access to the mail of Russian Guard Colonel Yevhen Pankov, who, with his riot police unit, was engaged in repressing Kherson civilians during the occupation.

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