In Energodar, the occupiers prepared buses for the “evacuation” of the population

The enemy continues to “evacuate” residents of temporarily occupied settlements, this time they decided to deport residents of Energodar.

The Russians deliberately initiate humanitarian crises on the TOT, evacuating state institutions from there, closing hospitals and pharmacies, in order to make life unbearable for the locals after that. At the same time, residents are being ideologically pumped about the offensive of the Armed Forces and “further destruction and repression.” Instead, residents are offered to leave and promised monetary compensation.

In fact, the Russians aim to distort the demographic composition of the population, and create a propaganda picture of residents “fleeing” from Ukraine.

Yes, the occupiers are currently preparing for “evacuation” from Energodar. For this, the local nuclear power plant, which was captured by the Russians, must prepare buses. People are planned to be taken to Dzhankoy (Crimea). In the beginning, the “evacuation” is voluntary, but usually in the future the occupiers practice forced eviction.

Note that at the same time, the Russians closed the checkpoint in Vasylivka (Zaporizhia region), from where TOT residents were leaving for the territories under the control of the Government of Ukraine. This shows that the Russians are not interested in the fate of people. The main thing for the enemy is to ensure the deportation of Ukrainians.

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