Invaders failed trying to recruit students to their fake universities

The Russians cannot find “teachers” for their propaganda centers in the temporarily occupied territories.

Currently, a significant part of the “teachers” are fake tourists from the Russian Federation, in particular students of pedagogical universities of the Russian Federation. Most of the local teachers refused to cooperate with the enemy and left the region.

To cover the deficit, the Russians created four fake pedagogical universities at TOT: Kherson, Azov (Berdyansk), Donetsk, and Luhansk. Those who agreed to brainwash small Ukrainians are quickly trained there.

As the number of “students” was small the invaders began to send to these universities orphans who had graduated from boarding schools and mostly could not freely choose their future. Orphans are promised a full social package and increased scholarships, entrance exams are not required.

The Center of National Resistance warns that the so-called schools on TOT act as centers of propaganda where children are brainwashed. The task of the Russians is to disorient Ukrainian children and make them victims of manipulation.

Therefore, the role of parents in education is increasing. We ask parents to spend more time working with their children and not let the Russians destroy their self-identity. We would like to remind you that there is a section on the fight against enemy’s propaganda.

At the same time, we note that all those involved in the policy of genocide of an entire generation of Ukrainians will not escape punishment.

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