Kremlin has officially declared a course of colonial policy

On March 31, the occupiers presented a new concept of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation, which actually directly speaks of the imperial aspirations of the Kremlin.

The concepts of “Russian peace”, “preservation of the people of Russia”, “strengthening the role of the Russian language”, “preservation of historical memory” and the formation of a just world order are officially introduced into the concept.

Considering that the Russian Federation actually violated the current world order and the principle of territorial inviolability, as well as the fact that the Kremlin does not recognize the right of nations to their states, this concept is a clear declaration of a colonial course.

Yes, Russian propagandists talk about the non-existence of the Ukrainian nation and “historically Russian lands” almost every week. Inside the Russian Federation, it is completely out of the question to talk about the recognition of conquered nations by the Kremlin. Even in the concept of all of them, they are called “people of Russia”.

“Russian peace” has no limits, because in Moscow’s dreams the whole world should be like this. And the “strengthening of the Russian language” takes place by the method of forced Russification of captured regions. Tomorrow, every state may learn that “historically” it should become part of the empire.

But all empires will fall, and it was the fate of the Ukrainians to destroy the last empire in the world, because Ukraine resists!

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