Kremlin is preparing the foundation for the mobilization of deported Ukrainians

In the Russian Federation, deported Ukrainians can be mobilized together with migrants in order to reduce tension among Russians through mobilization.

Any theses are usually thrown out by the Kremlin through relevant people, and then these theses are picked up by the enemy’s information traps. Thus, the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, officially announced the proposal to mobilize all migrants who received a passport of the Russian Federation.

However, according to Ukraine’s National Resistance Center, it is also about the mobilization of men deported from the temporarily occupied territories. This is one of the reasons for the decision of the Russian government to issue passports based on the place of residence. Which is directly aimed at forced passporting of deported Ukrainians.

It should be noted that Bastrykin’s statement is frankly Nazi, since he directly indicates that the main attention should be paid to the mobilization of representatives of national minorities.

Along with this statement, propagandist telegram channels spread materials that increase xenophobic sentiments against migrants from these countries, as members of organized criminal groups related to the distribution of drugs, weapons, and in general as parasites on “Russians”.

According to Kremlin sociologists and analysts, such proposals are positively perceived by Russians, among whom there is growing indignation against the new wave of mobilization in the country.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center informs that if you or your friends and relatives live in the Russian Federation, or have been deported to the Russian Federation, the Russians can use you in the war against Ukraine by forcibly mobilizing you.

If you or someone you know was forcibly mobilized to the TOT, contact the hotline of the “I want to live” project: +38 066 580 34 98 and +38 093 119 29 84.

Also, we call on internally displaced persons and residents of frontline zones who have relatives in the IDPs to share this information. It is not too late to surrender to the Armed Forces and not commit war crimes.

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