“Legalized” Iranian smuggling in Kherson

Since February 24, many companies have stopped importing goods into the Russian Federation. Some of them were affected by financial sanctions, some by the embargo on goods, and some decided to leave the toxic Russian market, severing supply chains.

At the same time, on the shelves of many stores in Kherson – next to the food products from the “LPR” and the Russian Federation, there are products from Iran. Two terrorist countries that help each other circumvent sanctions. In particular, to cover the shortage of food products that are no longer produced on the territory of the Russian Federation, or are no longer imported to it.

Note that even in the temporarily occupied territories, Ukrainians mostly avoid food products with the flag of the Russian Federation on them or Iranian symbols on the package.

Trade isolation of Russia is one of the most reliable ways to deprive the aggressor of budget revenues and military technologies. That is why it is important not only to expand sanctions, but also to make impossible any ways of circumventing them.

There is no need for goods from terrorist countries in Ukrainian Kherson, and soon the shelves of local stores will be filled again with Ukrainian food products!

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