More than 20,000 residents of Horlivka, mobilized to the Russian army, were killed

The occupying administration of Horlivka (temporarily seized lands of the Donetsk region) complained to Moscow about heavy losses among the mobilized residents of the city.

The occupiers are preparing for a new wave of mobilization on the TOT to make up for the losses, and are already forming lists of men. In particular, the mobilization plan was presented to the Russian Gauleiter of Horlivka.

However, in response, local collaborators complained that social tension is growing in the city, since more than 20,000 residents of the city, who were forcibly mobilized in 2022, have died since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

Note that the mobilization of residents of occupied territories is an international crime. From the residents of TOT, frontline units are formed, which the Russians throw at the Ukrainian units without proper preparation, because the Russians benefit from the death of Ukrainians, regardless of the side for which they fight.

At the same time, the goals of the “special military operation” are not achieved and are constantly changing. Last year, 300,000 citizens of the Russian Federation were mobilized to achieve ephemeral goals. The result of this mobilization was hundreds of thousands of corpses and wounded Russians, which increased social tension in the Russian Federation itself.

As a result, the Russians plan to increase the pace of mobilization specifically for the TOT, so as not to bring their population out of the trance of propaganda and not to lose the popularity of the war.

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