“New Patriotic War”. How the Kremlin tries to mobilize its people`s mood

Due to systemic failures on the battlefield, the Russian population is losing enthusiasm for supporting the war in Ukraine.

Against the background of the ongoing process of mass mobilization in the Russian Federation, the Kremlin notes the growth of mistrust regarding the expediency of a full-scale war against Ukraine. The National Resistance Center learned about this from the underground, which has access to the results of sociological research conducted by the Putin administration.

According to these data, from the end of 2022 until January 2023, the negative attitude of the Russian population towards the continuation of the war in Ukraine is increasing, which is directly related to the rating of the dictator Putin, which is also decreasing. The situation has especially worsened against the background of a new mass wave of mobilization in the Russian Federation, which started at the beginning of January this year.

That fact. that the Russian authorities will not stop and continue fighting in Ukraine, forces Russian propagandists to form a new concept of ideological mobilization of the population of the Russian Federation around support for the war. Therefore, Putin’s ideologues will impose the idea of a “new national war” on society.

The launch of this campaign was entrusted to the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Which on January 21 used this narrative, comparing the cynical Russian invasion of Ukraine to the Franco-Russian War of 1812 and World War II.

This ideological concept is designed to mobilize the population, which glorifies the “Victory of the USSR” in the “Patriotic War”. And it is not for nothing that the term “patriotic” is used. After all, it is the period 1941-1945 that Russian propaganda uses in historical epics about the great union and the victory of the Russian people. Thus, not recognizing the invasion of the USSR and Hitler’s Germany into Poland, which started the Second World War in 1939.

The key argument of the “New Patriotic War” ideology is the formation of an affirmative opinion among the population of the Russian Federation regarding the “impossibility of defeat.” That is, victory at any cost. And it doesn’t matter how many Russians have to die and what sanctions will be introduced against the Russian Federation.

In his address dated February 21, Putin once again uses his characteristic phrase – “they started the war” and makes systemic references to the same Patriotic War.

And it is on these narratives that Russian propaganda works, starting from federal channels and ending with Telegram channels. On Russian talk shows, so-called experts start heated arguments about the military failures of the Russian army in Ukraine, not because of a call to start a war, but rather to inflame the situation. The military leadership of the Russian Federation is criticized on television, but not the dictator Putin. Whose decision for a full-scale invasion cannot be criticized in any way. After all, war is necessary and everyone is waiting for victory.

However, this concept crumbles when receiving each new message from the front, where Russian troops are suffering significant losses.

The concept falls apart with every “zinc coffin” that Russian women and mothers meet.

On the contrary, the so-called ideology is increasingly intensifying the conflict between pro-government groups that have different views on the necessity of continuing the war in Ukraine.

No exchange of concepts will help the Russians, because this is the liberation war of the Ukrainian people. And the unprecedented mobilization of Ukrainians, the resistance of our people – will end with our victory!

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