None of the collaborators will escape responsibility for their crimes

At the moment of betrayal, a person is guided by the prospect of immediate gain and the belief that he will avoid punishment. However, every traitor will be punished.

The day before, the SBU (Security service of Ukraine) detained two collaborators from the former “Ministry of the Russian Federation” in the Kherson region, who kidnapped Ukrainians to death camps. During the capture of the city, they voluntarily joined the “main department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Kherson region” created by the occupiers.

After an “interview” with representatives of the FSB (Russian special service), one of the perpetrators was appointed an “investigator” and tasked with participating in the suppression of underground activities in the occupied part of the region.

Another collaborator was appointed “police patrolman” as part of the occupation body. While in this “position”, he directly participated in the persecution and illegal detention of Ukrainian citizens

However, the Russian troops fled from Kherson and left the traitors behind. We have already seen similar stories in the north of Ukraine and Kharkiv Oblast. Therefore, it is futile to hope that the crime will go unpunished and no one will escape from justice, and therefore each collaborator will be responsible for his actions in accordance with the procedure established by the Criminal Code of Ukraine. We emphasize that the underground records every crime and every traitor and passes the data on to the law enforcement officers.

Earlier, the National Resistance Center spoke in detail about the typical life of a traitor and what awaits him.

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