Occupiers are afraid of the partisans and cannot find them – review from TOT

In order to report to the Kremlin, the occupiers began to kidnap more Ukrainians, but at the same time they complain about the partisans. The National Resistance Center has prepared a new digest of the main events in the temporarily occupied territories.

Fear of partisans

The phone of one of the occupiers, who managed to complain about the activity of the Ukrainian underground near Melitopol, got into the hands of the Central Security Service. In particular, he reported that 13 enemies died thanks to the partisans.

Three occupiers went missing in nearby Berdyansk. Now, if possible, enemy soldiers stationed in the city were allowed to move around in civilian clothes so as not to be exposed to danger once again.

Another reason for permission to stay in civilian clothes is that the locals actively track the enemy and report his movements to the Armed Forces. Therefore, the enemy tries not to draw attention to himself once more.

At the same time, actions of disobedience to the occupiers continue in Donetsk, which has been under occupation for almost 9 years.

Recently, the car of one of the representatives of the occupation administration was set on fire. The enemy not only destroyed the car, but also left the inscription “for Bucha” to avoid a double interpretation of the action.

Also, leaflets in support of Ukraine continue to be distributed on TOT. In particular, in Henichesk, Russians are regularly reminded that they are in the city only as occupiers.

Underground searches

The occupiers cannot tame the captured lands and continue to bring their security forces there. Therefore, new groups of Russian Guardsmen arrived in the south to patrol occupied settlements. 500 policemen from the Russian Federation were brought to Berdyansk alone.

At the same time, the number of raids to identify “saboteurs” is increasing. So, on December 26-27, the enemy conducted raids on the left bank of the Kherson region in search of participants of the anti-terrorist operation. In particular, such raids were conducted in the villages of Pavlivka and Stroganivka (Kakhovsky district).

They were looking for members of the ATO, because for Russian propaganda they are an ideal television picture of detained “right wing fighters” or other volunteer battalions.

They searched underground in Zaporozhye as well. In the temporarily occupied Tokmak, the enemy conducted a series of searches of the city’s residents, during which the occupiers tried to find Ukrainian symbols from local residents, even checking equipment. The city also increased the number of random checks of local residents’ phones.

Unfortunately, people disappear every day in the temporarily occupied territories and are kept in inhumane conditions.

An investigation is currently underway into the torture chambers that operated in Kherson during the occupation. One of these was recently discovered again in the city. It housed relatives of military personnel and law enforcement officers who did not betray Ukraine.

The National Resistance Center released footage from one of these executions in Kherson. Note that similar torture chambers continue to function at TOT.

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