Occupiers are preparing for a simulation of the elections on the TOT

In September, the Russian Federation will hold simulated elections to its pseudo-parliament, as well as local “elections”, which the enemy plans to hold in the temporarily occupied territories.

However, the local population, which ignored the “referendum” in 2022, is not planning to go to the “elections” of the terrorist country. As a result, the occupiers, as they did a year ago, plan to hold “out-of-town elections” and drag out the process in days.

Yes, the “elections” will be held from August 31 to September 10. From August 31, it will be possible to “vote” ahead of time, on September 8-9, Russians will go around houses and vote in their places of residence, and only on September 10, “classic voting” will take place in precincts.

All this is necessary to hide the lack of attendance. Russian propagandists will explain the locals’ ignoring of the elections by the fact that they all voted early or at home.

We will remind you that almost the whole world did not recognize the results of the “referendum”, and elections in the Russian Federation are not a legitimate process. Everyone who helps to organize elections or is a “candidate” for TOT will bear responsibility before Ukrainian justice.

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