Occupiers are preparing for an imitation of “elections”

Russians are preparing to simulate “elections” in the temporarily occupied territories.

In September, Russians are preparing to hold “elections” where they will “elect” representatives of local “councils” and approve regional Gauleiters. However, as in the case of the “referendum”, the local population ignores this process.

Therefore, the enemy is forced to hold “elections” in three days to hide the lack of turnout at the polling station. Also, Russians are preparing for “elections” by place of residence, with the same goal.

Thus, the occupiers announced the “mobile voter” function, where each resident can apply for voting at their place of residence. Currently, residents of villages are automatically entered into the system regardless of their application in order to increase turnout.

It will be recalled that earlier it became known that specialists from the Russian Federation are coming to TOT to simulate “elections”.

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