Occupiers are trying to create their own “judicial” bodies in the TOT

судові органи

Thus, in the TOT of the south and east of Ukraine, the Russians are taking measures to adopt new bills aimed at amending the “judicial system”, in particular, the formation of “new bodies” and a management system.

Through these actions, the enemy is making efforts to activate the judiciary in the TOT of southern and eastern Ukraine, which will provide the occupiers with new levers of pressure on the civilian population. Through these bodies, which are fully controlled by the central government in Moscow, the Russian occupation administration will have pseudo-legal grounds to deprive Ukrainian citizens in the TOT of their liberty, alienate their property and make decisions in favour of the occupation authorities.

As a reminder, the High Council of Justice has noted that decisions of fake courts established in the TOT will be considered null and void, and appeals to such courts will indicate recognition of illegitimate authorities illegally established by the Russian Federation in the occupied territory and will facilitate their occupation activities.

All information about the representatives of the Russian occupation forces and the Russian occupation administrations can be reported via the chatbot.

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