Occupiers are unsuccessfully trying to solve the problem of water supply in Donetsk

Russians are not able to provide elementary living conditions on TOT. Even in regions remote from hostilities for years, there are problems with water supply and heating. They became especially acute after the mass mobilization of the male population into the ranks of the occupation forces.

Thus, on December 20, during the visit of the protégé of the Kremlin to the TOT of the Donetsk region, Denys Pushilin, to Moscow, he once again pleaded with Putin for assistance in solving the issue of water supply in Donetsk.ростов на дону проблеми з водою

The project for the construction of a new water pipeline from the Don River to Donetsk with a length of 194 km was approved. Claimed “shocking pace of construction” and “significant financing”. Considering the fact that similar projects were not successful in the occupied Crimea, we should not expect a miracle in this case either. In addition, in the neighboring Rostov region, there have also been problems with water supply for years, and the water level in the Don River has dropped significantly.

The occupiers failed to seize control over the Dnipro-Donbas canal, which provided drinking water to most cities in the region. The damage to the infrastructure led to the disruption of the functioning of the water supply system in such cities as Donetsk, Makiivka, Horlivka in the occupied territories and Slovyansk, Kostiantynivka in the unoccupied territories.

As you know, the Russians are not famous for the high quality of projects, especially those related to the housing and communal sector, but the more money they spend on this nonsense, the less they will spend on their occupying forces.

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