Occupiers brainwash children in kindergartens

The occupiers began to brainwash young Ukrainians, starting from the kindergarten.

In the temporarily occupied territories, the policy of genocide continues, when Russians destroy a whole generation of Ukrainians by changing their self-identification. Propaganda brainwashes children starting from kindergarten.

For example, at TOT, the Russians conducted “training” to evacuate preschoolers in case “Ukrainian sabotage groups” infiltrate kindergartens. According to legend, these sabotage groups plan to steal children. That is, children are taught to protect themselves from Ukrainians.

We will remind you that in October, the occupiers plan to hold a forum of “class teachers” in Moscow, where they will explain to teachers how to properly brainwash children. They plan to take about 3,000 teachers from TOT (including Russian tourers) to the event.

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