Occupiers intensify repressions in Crimea

In the temporarily occupied peninsula of Crimea, the enemy is intensifying “counter-sabotage” measures, that is, repressions against the local population.

Thus, the occupation administration records an increase in the “disloyalty” of the local population to the invaders. Therefore, the occupiers are increasing the number of policemen who must uncover the Ukrainian underground. Since the beginning of the year, the enemy has already captured and is holding more than 100 inhabitants of the peninsula on suspicion of “disloyalty”.

In addition, the enemy pays considerable attention to preventing the dissemination in the information space of the peninsula of any information criticizing Putin, or contradicting the so-called tasks of “Special military operation”.

After all, for a year and a half of a full-scale invasion, the Russians have not been able to fulfill any of the declared points of their aggression. It even turned out the other way around: the Armed Forces of Ukraine have become stronger, and the Russians are forced to increase the pace of mobilization in order to keep the occupied lands, while Kremlin propagandists talk about the “successful operations” of the Russian Armed Forces.

Therefore, in order to stop the growth of criticism of the occupation regime on the peninsula, the occupiers plan to increase the incentives for traitors to write denunciations of their neighbors and to increase responsibility for the dissemination of compromising information.

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