Residents of TOT continue to use the hryvnia despite the ban

Occupiers are trying to involve young people in order to identify entrepreneurs who use the hryvnia.

Russians continue their struggle with the hryvnia in the temporarily occupied territories. In particular, in TOT of Zaporizhzhia region, the Russian leadership is conducting measures aimed at consolidating the collaborationists identified among the local population. Our underground received lists of people from which the youth organization “South – Young” was formed. The organization was created by gauleiter from the occupation administration of TOT Zaporizhzhia. It attracts young people aged 16 to 25 who become indoctrinated with the idea of a “Russian world”. But due to the small number of collaborators among the civilian population of the region, the occupiers involve “volunteers” from the territory of the Russian Federation in the activities.

The main task of this organization is to implement the decisions of the occupation administration and to totally displace any signs of Ukrainian identity in any form outside the borders of the TOT.

An example of such activity is monitoring compliance with the ban on hryvnia trading, when representatives of the organization used physical force against entrepreneurs and forbade any activity related to hryvnias.

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