The Russians continue to exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. As the invaders have planned it out, inflated prices and the lack of social benefits and foods should force the population to obtain a Russian passport in order to get petty payments.
Also, the Russians are trying to blame Ukraine and its Armed Forces for everything. They spend billions on the work of the propaganda machine. In order to explain how the enemy manipulates the news from the temporarily occupied territories, we have prepared an overview of Russian fakes and propaganda.
However, the local population continues to oppose the invader and thwart the enemy’s plans to issue passports on the temporarily occupied territories and to hold a pseudo-referendum. At the same time, as the National Resistance Center warned that a Russian passport is a real threat to life.
In Melitopol, there have been recorded cases of summonses to enlist for Russian passport holders. The occupiers see people in the temporarily occupied territories as a resource, and have already started issuing summonses to newly minted Russian passport holders.
All the occupiers need in order to draft Ukrainians who reside on the temporarily occupied territories is a Russian passport, which they issue in the occupied territories, including by coercion.
Previously, proactive drafting to the enemy army began to be carried out in the east of Ukraine. Typically, the drafted Ukrainians are thrown to the front line without proper ammunition and training, because the Russians benefit from their death. The death in combat of a Ukrainian caused by a Ukrainian breaks the mental ties between regions.
If you have been mobilized into the ranks of the occupying army, surrender to the Ukrainian military at the first opportunity.
Meanwhile, the Russians are blocking social benefits and humanitarian aid to force people to take a Russian passport. In order to break the resistance of the population in the temporarily occupied territories, the occupiers staged a real genocide.
The Russians cannot get to the numbers set for the passport issuance. Therefore, they continue to use violent methods, blackmail and coercion. That is all the enemy is good at. The occupiers continue to block the residents from receiving social payments, including pensions from the Ukrainian government. The only way to receive financial payments is to obtain a Russian passport. But even this did not help the Russians, because people refused to take them.
Now the Russians have shifted tactics to blocking the humanitarian aid that volunteers bring from the territory under our control. In particular, all trucks heading to Melitopol were not allowed to pass through the Vasylivka checkpoint in Zaporizhzhia.
In general, the number of Russian troops in the Melitopol district has recently increased. The occupiers lodge them in the homes of local residents.
To illustrate the scale, in the villages located near Melitopol, the occupiers place their military equipment in tractor garages, forcing them to remove all agricultural machinery. Chechens, Dagestanis, Ossetians and their families were brought to Mykhailivka. They occupy the houses of residents who left the region due to Russian aggression.
The situation is similar in the Tokmak district where Russian military personnel are taken to villages located closer to Melitopol every day.
The situation in Melitopol is escalating: the number of Russian soldiers is increasing, followed by the number of shelling. Therefore, National Resistance Center calls on the residents of the temporarily occupied territories to leave the region during the period of hostilities, so as not to become a human shield for the occupier.
Despite everything, the Ukrainian underground does not give up. Partisan Maksym Mahrynov from the occupied Tokmak of the Zaporizhzhia region helped the armed forces of Ukraine.
The Russians accused him of being a forward observer for the Armed Forces of Ukraine working against the bases of the occupiers in the city. The hero blew himself up along with the enemies. One invader died on the spot, the other one, in the hospital.
Recently, explosions rang out in the temporarily occupied city of Kreminna in the Luhansk region.
It is becoming increasingly difficult for the occupiers to prepare their Sabbath, which the Russians called a “referendum”. As you know, the beginning of September in the temporarily occupied territories is very favorable for night explosions Especially in headquarters and places where the Russians gather. Therefore, the organization of a pseudo-referendum, which the Russians are trying to hold on September 11, becomes more difficult.

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