Russia continues the technological regression of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

Russia is trying to connect the Zaporizhzhia NPP to its power system as soon as possible.

This task was assigned to the Abkhazian primatologist Renat Ivanovich Karchaa, who is an advisor to the general director of the Russian concern Rosenergoatom (a typical personnel appointment in the Russian Federation). It was this person who assured the director of the IAEA, R. Grossi, that Ukrainian projectiles “do somersaults” upon contact with the ground.

Oleg Yevgenyevich Romanenko, who until recently held the position of chief engineer of the Balakovo NPP (Saratov Oblast, Russian Federation), has been appointed as the so-called general director of JSC “Operating Organization of Zaporizhzhia NPP” (an illegal enterprise created by the occupiers to manage the ZNPP, part of the structure of the Rosatom Corporation). This Russian has been illegally staying at the Zaporizhzhia NPP since March in order to study the specifics of plant management.

The occupiers are hastily carrying out measures to convert the spent nuclear fuel storage system at the ZNPP to Russian standards, as well as adapting all nuclear reactors of the ZNPP to use Russian fuel assemblies. Currently, four out of six nuclear reactors of the ZANP operate using fuel assemblies of the American company “Westinghouse Electric Company”, which was carried out as part of Ukraine’s independence from Russian raw materials for our NPPs.

It is significant that the presence of R. Karchaa at the TOT of the Zaporizhzhia region coincided with the meeting of IAEA director R. Grossi with Vladimir Putin on October 11 in St. Petersburg. Another confirmation that the Russian leadership considers the representatives of international organizations to be fools who say one thing and do the opposite.

The occupiers force the workers of the Zaporizhzhia NPP to sign “employment contracts” with the management company newly created by the Russians. In case of refusal, employees are threatened with a ban on staying on the territory of the station. The personnel was forbidden to leave the borders of the occupied region.

The occupiers are constantly strengthening security on the territory of the station, and the number of posts has increased, which indicates that they feel insecure. It is known that a part of the station has recently been controlled by a Kadyrov gang – SOBR unit “Akhmat”, which placed equipment and weapons directly in turbine halls #1 and #2.

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