Russia is establishing exports of agricultural products from the TOT to China


At the occupier-controlled enterprises for the production, processing, and storage of agricultural products (especially grain), automated systems of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (known as Rosselkhoznadzor) are being implemented. The software package includes the Argus, Cerberus, Mercury (veterinary control), and Vesta (phytosanitary) subsystems.

These software tools are designed to automate the process of collecting and analyzing information on agricultural products to be exported outside the Eurasian Union member states.

In the context of sanctions imposed on Russia for waging war against Ukraine, China remains a key exporter of Russia. At present, Russia is actively exporting stolen grain from the TOT of Ukraine to Syria and Turkey under the guise of its own harvest. The introduction of these programs will allow it to expand the geography of looted exports, in particular to China. 

The National Resistance Center once again emphasizes that only the earliest possible de-occupation of Ukrainian lands can return prosperity and welfare to the local population, so if you have information that can speed up this process, please contact our chatbot.

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