Russians are trying to force Ukrainians to get the occupiers’ passports with lies

Occupiers supporters at the TOT of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions actively dispelled the nonsense that from October 30 Ukrainian citizens and stateless persons at the TOT are officially recognized by the Kremlin as “citizens” of the Russian Federation.

This is not mentioned on any official resources of the Russian Federation, so this is a sign of typical Russian disinformation, which aims to convince the citizens of Ukraine that there is no way out and force them to accept the existing state of affairs.

The only document that mentions the relevant provision is Article 5 of the so-called “agreements” between the Russian Federation and the quasi-entities under its control on the “acceptance” and “formation” of a new “entity” within the Russian Federation (signed on September 30), according to which citizens of Ukraine and stateless persons on the territorial integrity of our State are recognized as “citizens” of the Russian Federation .

Another violation of the norms of international law committed by the higher military and political leadership of Russia. However, even such actions of the Kremlin are a significant, but not sufficient, condition for the acquisition of Russian citizenship by the residents of the Southern and Eastern Ukrainian Autonomous Region. Even according to the legislation of the Russian Federation (Federal Law of May 31, 2001 No. 62-ФЗ “About the Citizenship of the Russian Federation”), a person who acquires the citizenship of the aggressor country is obliged to:

  1. personally submit an application for recognition as a citizen of the Russian Federation and admission to citizenship;
  2. undergo mandatory dactyloscopic registration and photography at the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on migration issues;
  3. take the oath of citizenship of the Russian Federation and obtain a Russian passport.

All the Russians’ stories about the “automatic acquisition” of Russian citizenship by TOT residents are only an attempt to demoralize the local population in order to reduce their resistance.

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