Russians continue to kidnap Ukrainian children

Only in the first week of November, more than 300 children were taken from the temporarily occupied areas of Luhansk Region.

The occupiers continue to abduct Ukrainian children from TOT under various pretexts. In particular, more than 100 children were allegedly taken to St. Petersburg for rehabilitation. 92 minors were taken to the Novosibirsk, Leningrad and Tyumen regions of the Russian Federation for adoption. Almost 100 more children were abducted from the Luhansk city of Bryanka and transported to Bryansk. There is a local Children’s Study Center. After they pass a special check, they are distributed to various educational institutions in remote Russian regions.

In fact, the Russians take Ukrainian children captive in order to lure their parents to the territory of the Russian Federation. After all, in order to pick up a child from “treatment” or “education”, it is necessary to go to the appropriate city on the territory of the Russian Federation. After that, the Russians plan to quarter them there under the pretext that it is impossible to return to the territory where martial law has been declared.

The Russians are deliberately carrying out genocide among the population of Ukraine. Read more about how the occupiers kidnap our children in our material.

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