Russians intensify repressions against civilians in the TOT for refusing to give up Russian passports

The local population in the temporarily occupied territories continues to resist forced passportization, despite the terror of the invaders.

According to the information received from the resistance movement network in the TOT of southern and eastern Ukraine, the occupation administrations and Russian occupation forces continue to carry out systematic measures of pressure on the local population to force them to obtain Russian passports.

For example, in Mariupol, residents receive threats of dismissal for refusing to obtain a Russian passport. Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant employees are subjected to physical torture and inspections. In Melitopol, “maternity allowances” can only be received by those who have registered Russian citizenship for their newborns. In Myrne, residents without Russian passports are subjected to forced fingerprinting.

In addition, the FSB officers conduct regular searches of the private residences of citizens of Enerhodar who do not agree to receive Russian passports.

In its turn, the occupation administration of the TOT of Crimea is tightening control over the movement of people to the territory of the peninsula. According to the available data, Ukrainian citizens without Russian passports are required to undergo a polygraph examination when crossing the Perekop checkpoint.
If you have information about people involved in the abuse of civilians in the TOT, please report it to the Resistance Telegram chatbot.

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