Russians offer farmers in TOT to lease stolen Ukrainian equipment

The occupation administration of the Kherson region offers local farmers to lease agricultural equipment stolen from Ukrainians with a discount

The preferential equipment leasing rate is up to 8%. Services are provided by the so-called “Republican Leasing Company”. However, according to local reports, a significant fleet of equipment is stolen from Ukrainian farms.

In this way, the occupiers are not only looting the region, but also profiting from stolen valuables at the expense of Ukrainians. Note that at the same time, all farmers are obliged to hand over their products to the occupation administration at fixed prices, below market prices.

The latter already transfers this grain to its subsidiaries, which resell products at market prices to the Russian Federation and beyond. In this way, Gauleiters profit from TOT residents at each stage of production, forcing them to pay taxes.

The National Resistance Center calls for reporting on collaborators, and further this information will help bring them to justice for crimes against the Ukrainian people.

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