The enemy plans to increase the pace of brainwashing of Ukrainian children

In the temporarily occupied territories, the invaders continued their policy of genocide aimed at destroying the self-identity of an entire generation of Ukrainians.

Thus, Moscow has set a goal to increase the number of local, children’s and youth institutions, including military-patriotic ones, by the end of 2023. In particular, the Defender of the Fatherland Fund was appointed responsible for the militarization of Ukrainian children.

As part of the increase in the pace of brainwashing, the Russians plan to hold mandatory “class meetings”, “your hero”, and “thank you, brothers”. As part of the propaganda activities, schoolchildren will meet with “veterans”.

Moscow has also formed a pool of touring artists and bloggers for “informal” meetings and tasked the regulators with organizing free screenings of cheap propaganda films on the TOT.

It should be noted that all of the organizers of such events will be held accountable for crimes against the Ukrainian people after the liberation of the TOT. To report an enemy or collaborator, please follow the link.

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