The Kremlin creates a counterweight to the Crimean Platform

Moscow is concerned about Ukraine’s diplomatic success in de-occupying the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and has created a fake congress to counterbalance the Crimean Platform.

As part of the Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF), which the Kremlin held this year on October 23–24, Moscow hosted a congress of the International Club of Friends of Crimea and the Crimean African Business Council.

The Kremlin attracted representatives from more than 40 countries and about 150 delegates.

The main goal of the event was to assure representatives from Africa and Latin America that Russia can meet their grain needs and that they can invest in projects in Russia. As part of these discussions, Russia is developing mechanisms to counter international economic sanctions to protect its economic relations with markets that depend on grain supplies.

On the forum platforms, Russian businessmen actively pushed for cooperation with enterprises in the TOT for African countries. Russians assured representatives of the Global South that they would supply them with grain crops, including from agricultural regions in the TOT of Ukraine. The Kremlin is deceitfully trying to involve these countries in legitimizing the seized territories as part of the Russian Federation. Still, it will neither be able to gain a foothold on Ukrainian lands nor provide these countries with the products they require so much.

The Ukrainian underground is actively opposing the intention to seize the property of agricultural producers in the TOT of southern and eastern Ukraine. The Russian Occupation administrations (ROA) are trying to attract Russian agricultural holdings to work in the TOT. The Center of National Resistance warns that any illegal economic activity in the TOT will be regarded as cooperation with the enemy and will be a legitimate target for the Ukrainian Resistance Movement. You can report the criminal actions of the ROA in the TOT using our telegram bot.

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