The Kremlin makes it difficult to leave the temporarily occupied territories and “legalizes” the detention of civilians

Against the backdrop of Prigozhin’s staged coup in Russia on June 24, Putin signed a law allowing Russians to be detained for violating martial law.

It can be assumed that the farce that played out during Saturday, June 24, was aimed at identifying disloyal elements in the middle of Russia and creating the conditions for even more tightening of the nuts inside the Russian Federation.

The repressive law signed by Putin allows detention for 30 days for violation of martial law, and also introduces the possibility of detaining passenger transport in the absence of a route card until payment of a fine.

For non-compliance with the norms established by the law “On martial law”, federal laws and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation on martial law, citizens are subject to a fine of 1,000 rubles or administrative arrest for up to 30 days, if these actions include criminally punishable actions. For officials, the fine will be up to 2,000 rubles or administrative arrest for up to 30 days.

As you know, there is currently no martial law in the Russian Federation. Only the “counter-terrorist operation” regime was introduced in certain regions. However, this law will be applied in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, where the invaders have introduced such a regime since October 20, 2022. It will make it even more difficult for the civilian population to leave the temporarily occupied territories, as well as “legalize” the confiscation of cars, detention and arrest at any opportunity of citizens of Ukraine who disagree with the Russian occupation.

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