The occupation administration of the TOT of Donetsk region is looking for new ways of Russification

The practice of suppressing the Ukrainian language from all spheres of public life in the temporarily occupied territories continues.

Thus, the occupiers introduced lessons on the Ukrainian language as an optional and non-mandatory subject in all controlled institutions of general secondary education at the TOT of the Donetsk region. Based on the information that the National Resistance Center received from the underground, the enemy developed a primitive program for studying the Ukrainian language for middle and high school students, which consists of about 300 hours for 5 years.

At the same time, when children take the initiative to take even such an optional course, the occupiers put psychological pressure on the students, humiliate them and threaten them with problems with their studies.

In this way, the occupying administration plans to demonstrate, as it were, “observance” of international law in the occupied territory, namely, the right of the population to learn their native language. However, in reality, this abbreviated program of the Ukrainian language is only a cover for the further Russification of the region.

The National Resistance Center received from the underground lists of all occupiers and collaborators who are involved in these activities and continue to work in the interests of the enemy. Everyone will suffer an inevitable punishment.

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